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Weight loss is a great victory for any person, but it may leave some people with excess skin that makes them feel self conscious and causes discomfort. The thighs, in particular, are a place of trouble for most people, especially when the skin isn't able to shrink back down to the body's new smaller shape and size. At our Beverly Hills Office, Dr. Jaime Schwartz offers clients a signature LipoLift® thigh lift, to create a more toned and tightened inner and outer thigh.   

Dr. Schwartz offers surgical thigh lifts (also known as thighplasty) which removes extra skin on the outer and inner thighs to produce a more contoured, tighter look. Thigh lift surgery has increased in popularity since it can give natural-looking results for anyone dealing with sagging skin on their thighs.

Signature thigh lift

Clients that would benefit from a signature thigh lift are looking for slimmer, smoother looking thighs. They may have excess skin and fat on their legs which is unsightly and prevents them from wearing certain types of clothes. 

There are several types of thigh lifts. Patients that have more excess skin and fat to be removed will require more complex incisions, typically. But in most cases, Dr. Schwartz will make an incision along the inner fold of your thigh, so any possible scarring should be hidden under the panty-leg line of your undergarments. Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Schwartz will recommend the type of thigh lift most suited to your body and desired aesthetic results. 

Combination Procedures

A thigh lift is often combined with a brachioplasty (arm lift) to rid the upper arms of sagging skin and/or a body lift to lift the sagging skin on the buttocks and abdomen after a great deal of weight has been lost. Thigh lift surgeries can vary in length of time and complexity, depending upon the amount of skin removed and whether or not you elect to combine a thigh lift with a butt lift or other body contouring procedures. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr.  Jaime Schwartz to find out if these options are right for you. 

After Surgery

Following a signature thigh lift at Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Schwartz will tell you to plan to take a week off from work and refrain from normal activities so you can rest as much as possible and reduce motion in the area of the sutures. You will need to avoid strenuous activities for at least a month, including vigorous exercise such as running, bike riding, and squats. You may be given compression garments to wear during your recovery period. Your follow up with Dr. Schwartz will be scheduled one week after your procedure at our Beverly Hills Facility. 

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Thigh Lift FAQs

What about Cellulite?

A thigh lift procedure is not designed to correct cellulite, but if dimpling is a concern, you can discuss cellulite treatment options such as Cellfina with Dr. Schwartz during your initial consultation. 

will my thighs be smaller?

While you may lose additional weight through a signature thigh lift, this procedure is not meant as a weight-loss tool, but as post-weight loss sculpting of the thighs. After your thigh lift, you will have a smoother thigh contour, one that’s more toned in appearance.

when will i see Results?

As the swelling decreases, around six months post-op, you should see your final results; slimmer, smoother, younger looking thighs. With any lifting surgery, the results should be long lasting as long as you follow all of your post-op guidelines and maintain your weight after the procedure.

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